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In recent years, having the proper supply chain strategies has become an integral element of the overall success of any business. Corporations should now focus more on making their supply chain initiatives as efficient and cost effective as possible to ensure they have a competitive advantage in their markets.

Since 1982 and through collaboration with our clients and their suppliers, we have enabled many conglomerates such as Al-Baik to tighten their focus on their competencies, realize opportunities to uncover procurement’s potential, reduce their costs and improve their bottom line through deep market knowledge, specialized category expertise, and best rocurement
and logistics practices.
Logistics is the essential lifeblood in any operation. Our present facilities on offer are aimed at providing supply chain services for food temperature-controlled shipments.


Year Key Milestones
1982 Jelaidan Cold Store was founded and food trading activities started.
1985 Jelaidan Cold Store stopped importation and started buying from the local market
1986 Jelaidan Cold Store built its first cold warehouse with a total capacity of 3,000 pallets and 25 staff.
1987 Jelaidan Cold Store started offering Refrigerated Transportation Services
1988 Jelaidan Cold Store started offering sourcing and storage services to Al-Baik.
1990 Revenues from Storage reached SR 8 Million and Jelidan Cold Store signed a storage deal with Al-Maraei.
2009 Jelaidan Cold Store became the sole chicken supplier of Al-Baik
2010 Trading activities stopped and Jelaidan Cold Store started focusing on storage business
2012 Revenues generated from Storage is about SR 14 million