Al Anbariya Seafood Park is a destination seafood park featuring a creatively engineered menu inspired from different countries’ seafood specialities to appeal to a diverse clientèle that appreciate unique seafood flavours in a relaxing and comfortable environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The concept of Seafood Park is not new to Saudi consumers. The concept started back in the late 1990s and since then similar parks have emerged all over Saudi Arabia especially in Dhaban (North Jeddah), Makkah, Madina, Taif, Tuwal, etc.

These Seafood destination restaurants provided a concept of fresh and authentic seafood menu options, where the customers seek the excitement of selecting their preferred seafood item and then have it cleaned up, cooked to order, and served with various side items in private cabins for easy dine in. These private cabins are decorated to keep a relaxed and comfortable environment and are set in either traditional Saudi seating style (Tents) or Modern designs with Sofas and Tables.

Al Anbariya Brand Legacy

Al Anbariya was among the firsts to initiate this concept back in 2000 in Dhaban and other followed. At first, the restaurant created a wave of madness among Jeddah’s community and enjoyed a tremendous success. Then, few years later several players followed with a wider selection of menu offerings and better dining experience and more modern facilities backed by a team of well-versed restaurant operations professionals; some have done well in attracting customers attention by offering various entertainment attractions like kids rides & play area for family attraction.

Yet, being the pioneer of this category, Al Anbariya has recently taken the charge of restoring the brand’s legacy through rejuvenating its property and start all over with a different strategy that aims to provide a distinct and memorable experience as opposed to the others.

Al Anbariya Size

The new Al Anbariya Seafood Park is a 2,200 seat destination seafood restaurant located in the booming, and rapidly expanding, area of Dhaban – The New Jeddah.

Jeddah over the past four decades has witnessed a dramatic population growth, creating a great need and demand for housing. Most of this expansion has been towards the north of the province and quickly even reached Dhaban which has become over the past five years, the focus of attention of investors and serious seekers for housing to get away from the noise and congestion of Jeddah.

This urban growth coincided with the growing public awareness of the benefits of expansion and investment in new areas and undeveloped lands. Dhaban is being transformed from what was once a rural, largely uninhabited area into a thriving new community with the support of massive public and private sector investment.

The menu of the new Al Anbariya Seafood Park is inspired from different countries seafood specialities and appeal to a diverse clientèle. Al Anbariya Seafood Park is not only offering a delicious meal; but also an entire experience for its guests. It is true that our food is the cornerstone of the restaurant, but the relaxing ambiance we feature in the facility plays just as important a role in getting customers into our restaurant.

At the new Al Anbariya Seafood Park, we have orchestrated all the important design elements like colors, lighting, sounds, landscaping, showroom and menu designs in a way that they set the right mood and achieve the desired atmosphere. We also have a kids playground where having fun and getting physically fit go hand-in-hand. The Kids Playground offers a safe, secure and socially interactive environment. It is the ideal place for kids to burn off some energy after a hard day of school and homework. A set of rigid safety and security measures have been put into place to protect our loved ones and we are now working on all the provisions to get the facility internationally accredited.

The ultimate goal is to make Al Anbariya Seafood Park the best choice for all level of ages where for kids, this point of attraction would be an irresistible zone.

We established Al Anbariya Seafood Park as the ultimate breakaway destination for people craving for a fresh mouthwatering seafood in Jeddah through:

  • Putting customers first in everything we do, making every effort to fill their hearts with joy and put smile on their faces.
  • Bringing to the market a unique selection of products & services that understand and satisfy our customers desires and needs.
  • Our commitment to our organization values to guide what we do and how we do it, every day.