In recent years, having the proper supply chain strategies has become an integral element of the overall success of any business. Corporations should now focus more on making their supply chain initiatives as efficient and cost effective as possible to ensure they have a competitive advantage in their markets. Since 1982 and through collaboration with our clients and their suppliers, we have enabled many conglomerates such as Al-Baik to tighten their focus on their competencies, realize opportunities to uncover procurement’s potential, reduce their costs and improve their bottom line through deep market knowledge, specialized category expertise, and best procurement and logistics practices. Logistics is the essential lifeblood in any operation. Our present facilities on offer are aimed at providing supply chain services for food temperature-controlled shipments.


Strategic Sourcing

We aim to supply appropriate goods that fulfill the needs of our customers in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location while keeping logistics costs low and minimizing inventories.

Our present team of experienced procurement professionals administer complete procurement process involving the:

  • Understanding of customer needs and identifying the opportunities for savings in procurement processes
  • Market and supply research and benchmarking current spends against the marketplace
  • Identification of potential suppliers
  • Communication with suppliers
  • Suppliers qualification
  • Negotiation with shortlisted suppliers, and price, availability, and customization possibilities are established. Contracts to acquire the goods are reviewed and completed
  • Contract recommendations and selection of the winning suppliers
  • Preparation of international paperwork and order making
  • Liaising with and managing the relationship with the selected supplier(s): we regularly appraise the performance of the quality of the goods acquired through supplier and any accompanying service support, as they are consumed. When the product has been consumed or disposed of, the contract expires, or the product is to be re-ordered, our clients experience with the product performance and the supplier after sale support is reviewed and acted upon
  • Contract management

Cold Storage & Logistics

Tawadu have begun to offer these services since the inception of its first cold store back in 1982 under the name ” Jelaidan Cold Store – JSC” in the southern part of Jeddah. That ambitious entrepreneurial step was taken in response to rising market needs for a reliable and efficient overall solution where the quality of facility and service, the goods being handled, and the customer interaction is of major importance.

JSC started operation with a storage area amounting to 1,600 sqm carrying about 1,250 ton of frozen products. In a matter of few years, the capacity was doubled and thus the company had to expand its facilities and to look for 3rd party outsourcing solutions to meet that unforeseen level of demand. Thanks to our dedicated people, modern facilities, and streamlined operations, we have succeeded together with our strategic partners to secure a high ranking status in the logistics market and been able to attract and retain top retail, hotel, catering, and international restaurant chains in the Kingdom.

Tawadu provides state-of-the-art contract warehousing and inventory management services for frozen food products that are either case- or pallet-picked. We have established a full-service operation including contract storage, complete inventory management, receiving, and shipping. Our facilities can be operated 7 days/week and 24 hours/day, based on demand. We support both stand-alone and multi-tenant contract facilities.

Our cold stores are built to international standards and equipped with modern facilities including fire-alarm systems. They all have office units for administrating our clients’ daily operations. All facilities are staffed and guarded 24/7.

Customers benefit from advanced supply chain technologies and the operational best practices that we have implemented. Our clientele enjoys an enterprise view of their inventory so that they know what inventory exists in which facility and what is in their entire network. This holistic view allows them to make the lowest cost/best service allocation decisions and react by transferring stock, allocating, or emergency ordering when irregularities occur.

Our warehousing facilities provide customers with a competitive advantage for supply chain services and can act as their central distribution hubs to local markets and neighboring countries, due to their proximity and accessibility to air, and sea ports, and their excellent road access. The locations are also in close proximity to qualified labor pools, key industrial zones, and dense population/consumer areas.

Our Cargo Handling Division was founded to complement our storage facilities with unerring handling services at our cold warehouses. Our logistics experts are trained on the latest cargo handling and security requirement and handle goods extremely carefully to avoid any sorts of damage to customer property. Coupled with fast and efficient workforce and a fleet of modern vehicles such as trailers and forklifts with various capacities, we are fully ready to take on any cargo handling task.

Our cargo handling advantages and services include but in no way limited to:

  • Fast and careful physical handling of goods
  • Absolute compliance with safety and security rules and regulations
  • Easy access to efficient manpower and equipment for transporting, loading, and unloading cargo
  • Container stripping and stuffing – both manual and mechanical
  • Quick deconsolidation and desegregation of shipments
  • Sorting, filling, adding stickers to, grading, and/or labeling, basically, most things our food & beverage customers may need to process their cargo
  • Leasing experienced, efficient labor and handling equipment

Customs Clearance & Refrigerated Transportation Services

Customs clearance is a delicate task and there are with no doubt tough demurrage and container detention penalties for making false declarations, missing necessary documentations, or when imported goods are incompliant with SASO regulations. Where it could take the inexperienced agency many long hours to complete the process, we can get most shipments cleared on their day of arrival. We complete all the paperwork; and we get things processed fast.

Through our network of rigorously evaluated and carefully picked 3rd party customs brokers who possess a wide range of experience and knowledge of customs regulations and requirements worldwide, we offer tailored customs clearance services for import consignments to suit every requirement. Our aim is to deliver an efficient, professional, timely service, specific to customers’ unique requirements.

The department of Refrigerated Transportation Services was founded in 1987 to diversify our portfolio of logistic services and to best serve the constantly evolving refrigerated trucking needs of our clientele.

Along with cold warehousing and cargo handling services, we also specialize in the movement of perishable goods. Food shipments requiring refrigerated transport can be anything from fresh food and produce to preserved and frozen, each with their own refrigerated shipping requirements.

Handling and shipping temperature sensitive commodities require clean and properly maintained refrigerated equipment. We arrange to move wide assortment of time-critical food products in a clean environment, and in an extremely safe and timely manner. Because of our vast transportation experience and years of providing this unique value adding service, our customers are rest assured that their shipments will be delivered to their destinations at a competitive rate, on time, and at the required temperature settings.