• The Team

    The Team

Abdalelah Jelaidan, CEO – Tawadu

A certified strategic management professional with a Masters degree in Property Finance from the University of Westminster London, Abdalelah has been the pillar during the formation of Tawadu. His leadership in  Corporate and Family Governance has been a key in Tawadu’s organizational development.

Kamal Zain, Managing Director – Jelaidan Cold Store

Kamal Zain, Managing Director – Jelaidan Cold Store Kamal is an innovative thinker and has been the most influential single figure to take Jelaidan Cold Store to its present stage. His razor sharp eye for opportunities, strong operational intelligence and the ability to optimize cost, increase efficiency has been a key building block to JCS. Kamal joined Jelaidan Cold Store in 1982.

Yazeed Al-Zahrani, Human Resources and Administration Manager – Tawadu

Yazeed is the one who made the H.R the most valuable asset for the company, oversees talent management , training and development, and benefits administration for Management Concepts , Just as Management Concepts grown significantly, has his role since he joined the company nearly 4 years ago.

Hussein Yehia Hassan, Treasury Manager – Tawadu

Hussain is Treasury Manager, Well-versed in developing and implementing strategies aimed at business efficiency and growth, Characterized with organizational , planning skills and leadership personality, Tawadu Company has been the cornerstone of his current experience in managing investor funds and cash management.

Ahmed Hanafy, Director of Operation – Tawadu

Ahmed has a key influential figure in shaping up brand strategy and operational method , Ahmed has been actively engaged in the Hospitality sector within Middle East and America, He is well known for his willingness to listen, his attention to details , With over 15 years’ experience.