• Chairman's Message

Mohammad Jelaidan, Chairman Tawadu Intl. Co.

As a member, and as the chairman of our Tawadu International Company, I would like to take a moment to thank our board of directors, dedicated staff and partners for the superb achievement we have reached and in overcoming all challenges as a team. I’m proud to mention that we have started from a humble journey and over the span of 30 years accumulated tremendous experiences, expertise and confidence in expanding our0 market share throughout the Middle East. Our valuable experiences have then taken us to new horizons & diversified enterprises to the point we have become a global brand in the Market.

As we know, Saudi Arabia is modernizing with the vision of becoming the trading center of Middle East and far beyond. We have achieved success in all our corporate endeavors and we are committed to gain continued growth in future endeavors despite regional & international challenges.

Currently, we are looking ahead and focusing on great future developments in expanding our targets for the coming years and we are very much honored to make a difference in the market. Our success is attributed mainly to the approach taken by our corporate structure and its valuable market planning and resolutions. I, therefore, invite regional & international companies to join us and share with us our core values, and experience and to share with us future business ventures under the blessing vision of our leadership. In all, we see our economic forecast and market share revenue as a very promising one and hope Allah guides us in our humble Journey.